Introduction to the Department

The Department of Electric Technique was established originally in 1992 under name of Department of Relay Protection and Automation, Since 2014 by the new structure of The Mongolian University of Science and Technology joined to us the Department of Electronic Systems.

The faculty of the department consists of 24 professors, 6 training masters, and laboratory assistant. Our department has three bachelor programs and four master programs. The department has three research laboratory, 8 training laboratory.

All of bachelor and master programs have been proved by National Higher Education accreditation.

Bachelor programs:

  • Automation of Electrical System (Since 1989)
  • Electrical and Power Electronic Engineering (since 2000)
  • Biomedical engineering (since 1996), 2+2 program with Shanhai University, China (since 2012)

Master programs:

  • Automation of Electrical System
  • Energy Technology and Industrial Automation
  • Electrical and Power Electronic Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

Main research fields:

  1. Automation and control of electrical transmission and distribution, relay protection, digital relay
  2. Smart Grids
  3. Embedded system, development of microcontroller system, electronic design
  4. Measurement and control system of electric equipment
  5. Industrial automation, programmable logic controller system, SCADA system development
  6. Robotics, industrial robot, artificial Intelligence, its usage for control system, machine learning, neuron network and fuzzy control, its application
  7. Development of robot arm, manipulators, service robot development, path planning for robot system
  8. Data mining, Industrial IoT
  9. Signal processing for electrical system, Industrial Image processing, audio signal processing