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Stablishment of Electrical Engineering Department Chronologically:

In 1961, first engineering faculty was established in Mongolian National University.

In 1962, Department of Energy was established in Polytechnics Department of Mongolian National University and changed the name to Electrical engineering department in 1964.

1960 – 1961 Department of Physics, Professor D. Batsuuri

1961 – 1962 Department of Engineering, Professor G. Renchindorj

1962-1964 - Department of Energy, G.Dendev,

1964 Department of Electrical Engineering - J.Naidan

1964 – 1967 Department of Electrical Engineering, N. Mijiddorj

1967-1969 Department of Electrical Engineering - Kh.Sukhbaatar,

1969.01.30 Department of Theoretical Electrical Technology, Kh.Sukhbaatar,

1969.11.01 Department of Electro technical theory was established by the order No. 480. Head of the Department: Mr. Kh.Sukhbaatar, N.Dashnyam (1978-1982)

1969.11.01 Department of Electrical Engineering B. Mandakh,

1976 Department of Electrical Engineering Z.Tserendorj,

1979 Department of Electrical Engineering B. Mandakh,

1982-1989 Department of Electrical Engineering, B. Mandakh

1984 Electrical Department of Automation,

1988 Department of Electrical Power Supply

1991 Department of Relay Protection and Automation

1989-1992 Department of Electrical Systems, D. Sodnomdorj

1992-1995 Department of Electrical Systems, Kh.Tsagaan

1995-1996 Department of Electrical Energy, D. Sodnomdorj

1996-1998 Department of Electrical Systems, D. Sodnomdorj

1999 Department of Electrical Energy, D. Sodnomdorj,

1999-2000 Department of Electrical Systems, D. Sodnomdorj

2002 Power system regime, management sector, leading professor D.Sodnomdorj, Ch.Zunduisuren, Electricity transmission and distribution division, senior professor Kh.Tsagaan, Kh.Sukhbaatar,

2002-2003 Energy Management Professor's Team, leading professor S.Batkhuyag (since 2001 ), Power system regime, management Professor's Team, Professor D. Sodnomdorj, Modeling system of power system, Professor B.Nuurei,  Professor's Team of Electric power transmission and distribution leading professor Kh.Tsagaan, High voltage technique, clean energy team, leading professor Z.Tserendorj

2004-2008 Professor’s team of Power Industry Management leading professor S. Batkhuyag, Power System Registry, Management Professor's Team, Professor D. Sodnomdorj, Professor's Team of Electric Power Transmission and Distribution leading prof. Kh. Tsagaan, B.Sergelen, Professor's Team of High Voltage Technique and clean energy, leading professor Z.Tserendorj

2008-2014 Professor's Team of Power Systems, Energy Management, leading professor of the Professor team D. Sodnomdorj, Professor's Team of Electrical Power Supply and High Voltage, leading professor B.Sergelen,

From 2014 to March, 2018 Department of Electrical Engineering - Sh.Gantumur

Since 2018.03. B.Sergelen is Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

  1. Head of Electrical Engineering Department, Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) B.Sergelen
  2. State Prize Owner, Academican, Professor, Doctor (Sc.D) D.Sodnomdorj
  3. Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) Z.Tserendorj
  4. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) Sh.Gantumur
  5. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) D.Ulzii-Orshikh
  6. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) B.Purevsuren
  7. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) Ch.Ulam-Orgil
  8. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) B.Bat-Undral
  9. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) G.Bekhbat
  10. Senior lecturer, master Sh.Angar
  11. Senior lecturer, master Ya.Sodbayar
  12. Senior lecturer master D.Altantsetseg
  13. Senior lecturer, master J.Nandagsamba
  14. Senior lecturer, master Sh.Davaakhuu
  15. Senior lecturer, master N.Jigjidsuren
  16. Senior lecturer, master O.Tsogbayar
  17. Senior lecturer, master A.Erdene
  18. Lecturer, Doctor (Ph.D) E.Enkhsaikhan
  19. Lecturer, master Ts.Erdenetuya
  20. Lecturer, master Ch.Renchindorj
  21. Lecturer, master P.Erkhemtur
  22. Lecturer, master B.Batzaya
  23. Lecturer, master N.Ikhzorig
  24. Training master B.Tserenlkham
  25. Training master E.Baigali
  26. Training master T.Chultemjamts
  27. Training master J.Nyam
  28. Assistant of the department J.Tumenkhishigt



Electrical Power System D071304, E071304, F071304

Electrical Power Supply D071305, E071305, F071305

Power Industry Management D041302