Educational project: Euro-Mongolian Cooperation for Modernization of Engineering Education (EU MONG)


The project aim is modernisation and internationalisation of the HE in engineering sciences in the targeted Universities in Mongolia through innovation of MSc curricula in line with the new development in the area, the labour market demand and the opportunities for virtual mobility through e-learning provided by the ICT.

Project objectives:

  • To analyse the educational needs in electrical engineering, communications and energy efficiency through problem and job analysis, and to define the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies of engineers in the sector in terms of learning outcomes
  • Design syllabi and course content and assessment for compulsory and elective courses in electrical engineering, communications and energy efficiency to meet the user needs.
  • To adapt/develop new e-learning courses with modular structure for the innovated curricula of partner universities and to establish a platform and procedures for knowledge sharing inside Mongolian and European academy and students.
  • To perform a pilot test and to start the implementation of the joint modules/courses delivery during the last project year.

You can give more detailed information about educational project from following website. 

Link: eu-mong.eu


New laboratory at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D_h1UoGPtM&t=1s