Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

A main duty of the office of Academic affairs is to implement the training curriculum and academic programs on degrees conferred and to control their results making all arrangements related to the academic staff and students. Deputy Director of the Power Engineering School is in charge of the office of Academic Affairs.

The training office of Power Engineering University has been established with 2 staff in 1997 under the framework of preparation of changing training activity into credit system. Now this office has deputy director and 5 staff who are in charge of 13 occupations. The staff of this training office regulates all the issues related to the students from their enrolment until they graduate such as accepting 1st course students and registering them and granting students ID and some service card.

The main duty of Training Office is to implement training standard and training program and control over its procedure, interrelate the students activities with the team of teachers and professors and solve the issue of tuition fee. In addition, they are in charge of students’ social issues and training process including the procedure of choice of the subject, encourage the students, and help students to obtain state loan and scholarship.

Historic outline

1960 The division of energy was established at Engineering faculty of the Mongolian State University.And the first enrollment of students on thermal and electrical engineering.

1961  The Faculty of Energy and Mechanics was set up.

1963  The departments  of Electrical and Thermal Engineering were established at the Faculty of Energy and Mechanics.

1969  The Polytechnic Institute was founded at the Mongolian State University and Faculty of energy and Mehanics was renamed as the Faculty of Power Engineering and Mechanics Technology.  

1990  Polytechnic Institute was reorganized into the Mongolian Technical University and School of Power engineering was established.

2001  The first experimental restructuring based on professor teams was beginning at the School of Power Enineering by the decision of Academic Council of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Since 1965 when the first 25 engineers were graduated on Power Engineering we have been preparing more than 3000 engineers who are successfully working in both public and private sectors in the fields of energy utilities, governments and research organizations.


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