Thermal Engineering

Brief history of the department of thermal engineering


It will become a support branch of training, training, research, and innovation of specialists with national creative thinking and world-class knowledge.


In accordance with the mission of the school, it is to become the best branch of SHUTI, which prepares experts and researchers with world-class knowledge and skills and develops training, research, and innovation.

Historical Bureau of Thermal Engineering

  • 1960: An engineering department was established within the National University of Science and Technology, the heat and electricity profession was accepted, and the work of training national personnel with higher energy qualifications in the country began. 1961: The Department of Energy-Mechanics was established in the Engineering Department of MU.
  • 1963: The Faculty of Energy and Mechanics branched out into two departments: Heat and Electricity.
  • 1965: The first 14 "THERMAL ENGINEERS" were trained and graduated.
  • 1973: Enrollment in Industrial Thermal Energy began.
  • 1990: The Department of Thermal Power was split into the Department of Thermal Power Plants and Heat Supply and Automation.
  • 1994: Department of Thermal Energy was re-established by combining the specialty of CHP and the Department of DHA.
  • 1996: Refrigeration Technology and Air Conditioning Systems began to enroll.
  • 1997: Enrollment in industrial ecology began.
  • 1998: The Department of Thermal Energy was expanded and two departments were re-established: TPP and DHA.
  • 2001: With the establishment of SHUTIS, structural changes took place and the following professorial teams were established under the transition to the new professor system.
  • Team of Professor of Heat Mass Exchange and Combustion Technology
  • Team of Professor of Thermodynamics and Heat Engines
  • Heat Transfer and Distribution Professor Team
  • Thermal Process Automation Prof. Team
  • 2002: Recruitment for the renewable energy major began.
  • 2003: A new team of Professors of Renewable Energy and Industrial Ecology was established.
  • 2007: 3 professors merged into a team due to restructuring.
    • Heat supply and automation professor's team
    • Heat exchange and thermodynamics team
    • Renewable Energy and Industrial Ecology Professor Team
  • From September 1, 2014, following the structural organization of SHUTIS, the teams of the above professors have joined and expanded into the "THERMAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT" and continue to operate.