Strategis Plan

Strategic plan

Work plan for the academic years 2014-2015

Advice on course selection

Book event

Dormitory registration and removing

Tetrathlon match for PES freshman seminar

Create a strategic plan for Student’s association of PES

Introducing event of MUST

University introduction for high school students

MUST student’s day

Lecture series

Introduction day

Information event for student scholarships

Spring football game at MUST

Suduko puzzles game

“Sand clock” cognitive match

The General Assembly of students

“Ethic” campaign

PES freshmen challenges

Lecture series

Fall Basketball game at PES   

Self-motivation day

Good activity day

“Leader student” training seminar

Introducing to student’s clubs

Students qualification for fall championships at MUST

Advertise of PES for high school student

“Let’s learn in a healthy environment” cleaning day

International Student Rights Day

Election of the Head of student’s association

PES Talent festival

Parliament competition for student of PES

“Golden bell” match at PES

New year party for students of PES

Anti-AIDS day

Parliament competition for student of MUST

New year party for best students of MUST

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