Thermal Engineering



Power engineering department was founded to start his work on preparing national energy professionals in the country in 1960. The school were graduated the first 14 engineers in 1965. Two departments of Heat and Power were branched of Energy and Mechanic faculty.

1963 Department of Heating and Electrical Engineering

1965 The first 14 students graduated by Heating Engineering

1973 We have been successfully preparing of the Industrial Heating Supply

1990 Department of Thermal Power Engineering and Heating Supply of Automation

1996 The first admission to professional in Refrigeration Technology and Air Conditioning System

1997 The first admission to professional in Industrial Ecology

2001 Following the restructuring of the MUST and the transition to a new system of profiles, the following professional teams are established:

  • Heat-mass transfer and combustion technology
  • Thermodynamics and Heat engine
  • Thermal engineering and district heating
  • Automation of Heating Process

2002 The first admission to professional in Renewable Energy

2007 Following the restructuring  3 professors team are:

  • Heating supply of Automation professor’s team
  • Heat transfer and Thermodinamic
  • Renewable and Industrial professor’s team

Department  of Thermal Energy

  • Boiler testing and research center
  • Training and production center for Refrigeration technology and air conditioning system
  • Advanced technology and technique’s center for Heat consumption
  • Research center for power generation and environment


The research of Boiler testing and research center

2003 - Impact of Thermal Sources on air pollution of Ulaanbaatar

2007 - Study for influence of reconstructed steam boilers of TPP on atmosphere

2010 - Optimization of dust system parameters of BKZ-420-140 boiler and its test results to the burning


2011 - Some testing results of the Low Pressure Boilers

Utilization of Pumped Storage Power Station for Decreasing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas of Thermal Power Plant

  Test results of hot water boiler with fluidized bed combustion technology.

2013 - Some testing results of operation Regime for FB and CFB Steam boilers

2015 - Study of pollutants in the combustion product for hot water boilerof Oyu Tolgoi mining.

2016 - Study for decreasing emissions in the flue gas from fuel combustion of steam and hot water

boilers of thermal power plant and heating plants of Mongolia.


The research of Training and production center for Refrigeration technology and air conditioning system


2011 - Eurasia-Pasific Uninet project on Renewable Energies, “Dynamic building simulation with

TRNSYS in Mongolia”.

The study of possibilities of using heat resources with low potential of underground water of hidden mine in the climatic conditions of Mongolia

 2012 - The use of accumulated cold for thermal processing of food products

Research and academic activities of Power Engineering School, current developments and future perspectives of Renewable Energy Engineering personnel’s

Experimental Results of Heating System with Solar Energy Accumulation for Housing and Green House Heating

  2017 - Study of meat cooling process for Mongolian livestock


The research of Advanced technology and technique’s center for Heat consumption


2005 - Energy Efficiency of Mongolian Houses

   Efficiency Improvment of District Heating System by Means of Energy Conservation Policies

2008 - Improvement Energy Efficiency of District Heating Systems

2011 - Assessment of technology needs in the energy sector of Mongolia

   Single-shot normal incidence imaging ellipsometer based on polarized dual-reference wave scheme

2013 - Upgrading and Installation of High-Efficient Heat Only Boilers for Heat supply systems in Districts

             Dynamic temperature distribution measurement by using off-axis digital holography


Faculty of the Department

  1. Head of Thermal Engineering Department, Doctor (Ph.D) P.Byambatsogt
  2. Academican, Professor, Doctor (Sc.D) S.Batmunkh
  3. Academican, Professor, Doctor (Sc.D) Kh.Enkhjargal
  4. Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) Ch.Mangaljalav
  5. Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) B.Namkhainyam
  6. Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) J.Tseyen-Oidov
  7. Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) Ch.Dashpuntsag
  8. Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) Ch.Davaasambuu
  9. Associate Professor of programming, Doctor (Ph.D) D.Davaatseren
  10. Associate Professor of programming, Doctor (Ph.D) D.Ulemj
  11. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) D.Tserendolgor
  12. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) Ts.Bat-Ulzii
  13. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) L.Jargalkhuu
  14. Associate Professor, Doctor (Ph.D) D.Khishigsaikhan
  15. Doctor (Ph.D) Z.Battogtokh
  16. Doctor (Ph.D) B.Oyun-Suvd
  17. Associate Professor D.Tuvshinbaatar
  18. Associate Professor Ts.Jambalsambuu
  19. Senior lecturer, Doctor (Ph.D)  D.Baldandorj
  20. Senior lecturer, master O.Purevjal
  21. Senior lecturer, master N.Oyun-tsetseg
  22. Senior lecturer, master M.Oyun-Erdene
  23. Senior lecturer, master A.Tumenbayar
  24. Senior lecturer, master B.Battur
  25. Lecturer, Doctor (Ph.D)   D.Chimedsuren
  26. Lecturer, Doctor (Ph.D)   O.Chimed
  27. Lecturer, master Kh.Tsolmon
  28. Lecturer, master Yo.Enkh-Amgalan
  29. Lecturer, master S.Orgilbold
  30. Lecturer, master Sh.Enkhbayar
  31. Lecturer, master Kh.Erdenehuyag
  32. Lecturer, master B.Bayaraa
  33. Assistant Lecturer, master P.Enkhdavaa
  34. Assistant Lecturer, master B.Batzorig
  35. Assistant Lecturer, master Sh.Altankhundaga
  36. Training master G.Boldbaatar
  37. Training master B.Munkhtsetseg
  38. Training master L.Atartsetseg
  39. Training master Ts.Tsetsgee
  40. Assistant of the department E.Baasankhand